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From a complete new hire packet to employee calendars, we have the forms required to manage your staff year after year.

New Hire Packet

Includes JetPay information sheet (which can be sent to your processor via e-mail, fax, or post), the residency certification form for Act 32, an I-9, and a W-4 worksheet. (You are required to keep the residency certificate, I-9, and the W-4 current and on file at your office, but you are not required to send them to JetPay).


New/Change Employee Form

All the information JetPay needs to add your new employees to our system on one form for easy transmission.

W-4 – Required by law to keep current and on file, use this form for your employees' federal income withholding.

I-9 – Required by law to keep on file, this form deals with eligibility verification.

LST Exemption Certificate – If your employee is in the military, has another job, or is expected to earn less than $12,000 this year, they may be exempt from the LST tax. Provide them with this form to complete, send to the proper municipality, and copy for your records.

LST Refund Application - Provide your employee with this form if they believe they are entitled to a refund of the LST tax due to overpayment or exemption.

Direct Deposit – If your employee would like to have direct deposit, have them complete this form for your records or to send to your payroll specialist. (If you enter your own payroll through PC or WebPay, you are not required to send us a copy).

International Direct Deposit Form – For use when an employee would like to deposit funds to an account overseas.

Employee Calendar – A blank calendar that is often used to keep track of employee paid time off such as vacation, sick, holiday, or personal time.

Employee Calendar 2011 – See employee calendar.

EFT Child Support Worksheet - If you have more than 15 employees and more than one of them has a child support order, you are required to file the payments electronically. Complete this form for each employee with an order and send it to your payroll specialist.

New Hire Reporting – For use by employers who have employees in two or more states.