Labor Law Posters

Labor Law Posters

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Through our partnership with the Poster Compliance Center, JetPay customers can check one more thing off their to-do lists - and save money while doing it!

The Poster Compliance Center offers:

Accurate, high quality posters…federal and state labor law posters (including family leave law, industry specific health and safety, unemployment, worker’s compensation, discrimination, & more), state minimum wage posters, and OSHA posters.

Worry free compliance… when you choose the onesystem 1-Year Compliance Plan you automatically receive free updated posters, documentation that your posters are current, and a $25,000 poster violation warranty.

Flexible ordering… purchase individual posters, poster sets, or the onesystem 1-Year Compliance Plan, whatever package best meets your needs. You can even choose to go green with eco-friendly posters at no additional charge!

Savings… with free shipping, accuracy guarantees, and a special discounted price for JetPay customers, this is a great deal.

Perhaps, keeping up with mandatory labor law posters has been the last thing on your mind.  Leave it to the experts and visit the Poster Compliance Center today.

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