Employee Benefits

Flexible Benefit Plan

Bend over backwards for your employees?


A flexible benefit plan is sure to satisfy the people you depend on, without breaking your bank or your back!


Under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, your employees can select from a menu of health related benefits that are tax free for federal, social security, medicare, and certain state and local taxes. As an employer you also save on your share of the FICA and FUTA taxes.



JetPay Payroll Services, formerly A D Computer, will:


  • take the deductions from your employees each payroll

  • calculate and apply your Federal, FICA and FUTA tax savings

  • export and provide proper reporting to your plan administrator so you don’t have to.

If you are starting a new plan or need administration of an existing plan, JetPay Payroll Services, formerly A D Computer, has working alliances and relationships with a number of professional flex plan administrators.



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