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JetPay PC Pay Human Resources

Focus on your talent... not employee records. 



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With our PC Human Resources package you can spend less time managing records and calculations and more time focusing on what's really important.


The program includes modules for:

  • Benefits Management.  Designed to help you control benefit enrollment, employee contributions and monthly premiums.  A history of all premium and employee benefit changes that occurred over any period of time can be displayed or printed.  Future company and employee benefit transactions can be added.

  • Job History.  An unlimited job/salary history is automatically maintained for each employee.  Any change in job or salary will be recorded with the effective date.

  • Educational Reimbursement.  Course and school name, tuition, reimbursement, credits, grade and completion date can be tracked for each employee.

  • Seminar Tracking.  Seminar content, date, cost and license earned can be tracked for each employee.

  • Employee Relations.  Employee events along with a memo area for each event can be maintained for each employee.

  • Skills Inventory.  Employee skills along with comments on their skill level can be stored for easy retrieval.

  • FMLA.  Tracks leaves taken under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Easily view leaves, hours taken (both paid and unpaid), available hours plus tracking information with follow up dates.

  • I9/VISA.  Employment eligibility verification documents can be tracked for each employee.  Visa information can be entered for aliens.

  • Performance.  Performance events such as reviews can be tracked for each employee.  Results, who reviewed the employee, supervisor name, and a memo, can be tracked along with employee’s next review date.

  • Applicant Tracking.  Designed to help you automate the hiring process from new openings, to new hires, in order to choose the best-qualified candidate.  Hired candidates can easily be added into the payroll database eliminating the need to re-enter their information manually.


Need more?  Contact us for custom solutions and/or an interface with your current HR system!