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The juggling act stops here! 

man holding mouse at computerYour business has complex payroll needs and we've got the payroll software to handle them. PC Pay is a robust application that runs on your server or our web hosted environment. PC Pay has integrated personnel with optional modules designed to give you the ability to store all your employee data in one place.


  • Pay hours and earnings

  • Add new hires or change employee data

  • Add health care premiums and/or other payroll deductions

  • Run reports from our built in reports menu


Our support staff provides the training you need to get started. Plus you'll receive ongoing support and answers to your questions from your dedicated payroll specialist.


PC Pay also works in conjunction with many of our other time saving services. Interfaces are accurate, efficient, and eliminate redundant entry work.  You can import hours from your Time & Attendance system and remove the hassle of manually entering hours each pay.  Export 401k contribution data to your plan administrator. 


A General Ledger Interface eliminates manual posting of your payroll items to your GL quickly and easily with total accuracy.  JetPay Payroll Services, formerly A D Computer, can create a custom interface specific to your accounting package and chart of accounts.  Accruals and reversals can be handled as part of the interface process.


Wondering if PC Pay is right for you?  Contact us today for a free consultation from a trained professional.




*Our web hosting option relieves you from IT responsibilities.  Upgrades, maintenance, backups, and recovery are all managed by JetPay Payroll Services, formerly A D Computer.