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With JetPay WebPay's integrated personnel modules, you can now enter, store, and run reports based upon specific employee information. In addition to what you usually enter for payroll, you can now keep track of...

  • thumbnails of several employeesMore detailed personal and contact information such as home, cell, and office numbers

  • Important dates such as hire date and years of service, birth date and age, pension and benefit eligibility, and termination or leave of absence dates

  • Emergency contact information

  • Education information such as schools, degrees, and majors

  • I9/VISA information

  • Miscellaneous information such as driver's license, shift, union, and veteran status

  • Performance information such as review dates, results, and notes

  • Wage information and notes regarding promotions and salary grades

  • and work experience such as past employers, titles, and wages.


When you use JetPay WebPay's personnel modules and reports, you will have the employee information you need in one place at your fingertips. 

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* In order to use the JetPay WebPay module, you must be an active JetPay WebPay customer.