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User Defined Exports & Reports

JetPay Payroll Services' User Defined Exports & Reports tool gives you greater access to your employee information and payroll data. With this built-in, easy-to-use management tool, you can create your own reports and export them. Manage your data as you see fit and give your fingers a much needed break from re-keying information.


With JetPay Payroll Services' User Defined Exports & Reports, you will be able to:


  • Create custom reports by selecting fields from a categorized list to create the report you need. Whether it’s an Employee Contact List or a Year-to-Date Deduction Report – the combinations are virtually limitless.

  • Organize your information and your report with options to sort and filter your data by employee name, department, check date, earnings, and more.

  • View and print reports easily. You can choose to view your reports in HTML or PDF format- or print a hard copy.

  • Export your reports and data to Excel or as a CSV file to the application of your choice.

  • Save report templates so you can run your report again and again. The data fields and sort options are stored in JetPay WebPay – use it just as it is or tweak it to your changing needs.

  • Access Online. You’ll have the convenience and freedom to run reports wherever Internet Connection is available.

Why work your fingers to the bone re-keying data? Free your hands up for better things – like that warm cup of coffee you’ve had your eye on…