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Electronic Child Support Payments

Another Domestic Relations Order?

The last thing you need is the extra paperwork that comes with domestic relations court orders. Rest easy knowing JetPay Payroll Services can automatically remit all of your Child Support Court Order payments directly to the appropriate state disbursement units.


When you sign up for Electronic Child Support Payments you:judges gavel


  • Remove one more item from your “to do” list

  • Free yourself from the worry of remittance deadlines

  • Save on postage

  • And speed child support payments to custodial parents


* According to Pennsylvania Senate Bill 1205, certain Pennsylvania employers are required to transmit their child support order payments electronically. If you employ more than fifteen people and more than one of them has a child support court order OR if your business has had two or more court order payment checks returned for insufficient funds, you are required to submit payments electronically and should call us today!


*If you are not mandated to submit payments electronically, JetPay Payroll Services can automatically print remittance checks along with your payroll so you can mail them to the appropriate state disbursement units.


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