Payroll & Tax Filing

Payroll Tax Filing

Bogged down with tax deposits and payroll returns?

When you use our payroll tax filing service we deposit all your payroll taxes and file your payroll returns accurately and on time, every time!

Relieves you from:Man overwhelmed with paperwork

  • Pressure of tax deadlines

  • Preparing tax checks, making deposits, preparing and filing tax returns

  • Keeping up-to-date on changing payroll tax regulations

  • Penalties due to late deposits and returns

  • Big problems caused by simple calculation errors

  • Answering payroll tax inquiries

How it works:


  • Each time JetPay Payroll Services, formerly A D Computer, processes your payroll, all federal, state and local payroll taxes are transferred from your bank account and deposited into a trust account dedicated to the holding and payment of your payroll taxes.

  • We deposit your payroll taxes and file your returns on time in accordance with all federal, state, and local agencies.

  • A Tax Analysis Report, which itemizes and totals all employee and employer payroll taxes is included with every pay.

  • Each Quarter, we provide you with copies of your Quarterly Returns either on paper or electronically in PDF format.

  • At year end we provide you with copies of your annual returns and W2s. 


JetPay Payroll Services handles all payroll tax returns including:


  • Federal Forms 940, 941, 943 & 944

  • State withholding tax (all states)

  • State unemployment tax (all states)

  • Local withholding (Earned Income Tax)

  • Local LST/OPT (this applies to PA employers)

  • W-2 wage and tax statements

  • Reconciliations (quarter and year end)

  • Amended Returns

  • Responding to tax inquiries


Rest Easy! JetPay Payroll Services' payroll tax filing specialists stay up to date on changing regulations and are your experts for complicated multi-state and local taxes.



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