Payroll & Tax Filing

Vacation / Sick Time Accruals

Take time off from tracking your employees' PTO.


JetPay Payroll Services can track your employees’ “paid time off” including vacation, sick, and personal time. Whether your needs are simple or complex, we have your solution.


  • Keep track of time used and accrued.

  • Print a current balance on your check stubs.

  • Track automatic accruals that calculate per hour, per diem, per pay, or per month.

  • Time off accruals can be based on anniversary dates, years of service, pay type, hours worked, department, and more.

Whether you require simple tracking or have complex needs, JetPay Payroll Services will set-up a solution customized just for you.


Have us track your balances and accruals and you just may have time for a vacation of your own!




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