Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Pay As You Go Premiums

Close the door on large up-front deposits and big end of year bills! Finally, a workers' compensation plan that works for you!


While most worker’s compensation programs base premiums on estimated annual payroll, Pay As You Go bases the premium on your actual payroll, one pay period at a time. We have partnered with the nation's leading insurance companies to bring you these exciting benefits:


  • doors with money symbolhigh quality insurance coverage

  • premiums based on actual payroll, not estimates

  • the ability to make manageable payments throughout the year – no more crushing lump sums

  • stress free audit adjustments

  • freedom from finance charges and billing fees

  • and automatic electronic funds transfers


Improve your cash flow - choose Pay As You Go!

Contact your payroll specialist or sales representative for more information.  View our trusted partners below:

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The Hartford and JetPay Payroll Services, formerly A D Computer, offer ’XactPay’ - high-quality workers’ compensation insurance coverage through The Hartford with a method to pay your premium each pay period based on actual payroll.







Pay-As-You-Go workers’ compensation coverage from a leading provider of commercial property and casualty insurance for small and mid-sized businesses.









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PaySync®, Selective’s Cash Flow Friendly Payment Program

Get the cash flow flexibility you need with PaySync®, Selective’s flexible payment plan, for your Workers Compensation (WC) and Commercial Package Policy (CPP). With WC, pay your premium installments when you pay your payroll; with CPP, premiums are broken down into 12, 24, 26, or 52 payments - your choice during policy issuance.  Plus, there are no premium down payments or installment fees – so you get the full benefit for the additional liquidity.

To learn more about Selective’s PaySync® payment program, contact your agent or Selective’s PaySync® Help Desk (877-779-6248;






Eastern’s exclusive ParallelPay® program spreads out your workers’ compensation premium payments throughout the policy year to coincide with your payroll cycle. Because JetPay Payroll Services is a ParallelPay Partner, your payroll census data can be automatically reported to ParallelPay, saving you valuable time while allowing you to budget more effectively! ParallelPay doesn’t require an escrow, large premium downpayments, or installment charges, making it a great way to maximize cash flow while enjoying coverage from Eastern Alliance Insurance Group, the workers’ compensation specialist.