Best choice for Payroll Service in Lansdale, PA!


Running a business comes with huge responsibilities and keeping up with ever-changing payroll taxes and laws is a big job. Lansdale, PA business owners large and small look to JetPay Payroll Services for first rate payroll services and payroll tax filing services that are accurate and on time, every time! JetPay Payroll Services has all the options you need to simplify your payroll process plus a level of expertise that is unmatched by our competitors. Let JetPay Payroll Services run your payroll, so you can run your business.

Why choose JetPay Payroll Services for your Lansdale, PA Payroll Service?

With JetPay Payroll Services, you have options. For over forty years, JetPay Payroll Services has provided Lansdale, PA businesses with payroll services that are tailored to their specific needs. Clients have several choices for payroll submission including online through JetPay WebPay (our most popular option), by phone, fax, e-mail, PC Pay, JetPay Courier pickup, or customer drop off. No matter what convenient method you choose, your payroll package comes with a dedicated payroll specialist to ensure all of your needs are met.

Experience the best in customer service. JetPay Payroll Services not only delivers top-notch payroll services, but we offer Lansdale, PA businesses the very best in personalized customer service. JetPay Payroll Services’ payroll specialists are carefully selected and highly trained to ensure that they are among the most knowledgeable and up-to-date in the field. We have earned national recognition in the areas of Accuracy, Reliability, Prompt Response and Reasonable Fees, but our exceptional customer service is the true reason more Lansdale, PA businesses choose JetPay Payroll Services for payroll service.

Alleviate the burden of payroll related responsibilities. If payroll was as simple as writing checks, we would be out of a job. The fact is, business owners are responsible for reporting accurate hours and earnings, complying with current tax rates and regulations, calculating and filing payroll taxes, maintaining detailed records, managing benefits, human resources, and workers' compensation insurance, and more. Not only is this time consuming, but if not done correctly or on-time, your business is subject to weighty government penalties. Your time and attention should be devoted to your area of expertise and to growing your business. When it comes to payroll and payroll tax filing, new hire reporting, domestic relations and wage garnishments, medical and dental deductions, pension and 401(k) plans, third party sick pay, W-2s, and much more- JetPay Payroll Services is your payroll expert.

Rest easy knowing you're in the capable hands of a top pick for Lansdale, PA payroll services. JetPay Payroll Services is confident that we are the best choice for Lansdale, PA payroll services because we can streamline the payroll process for your business whether you have one or one thousand employees. From paperless options to direct deposit, from job costing and labor distribution to general ledger and time clock interfaces, we have the products, services, and partners to save you time and money. In a world losing focus on serving the customer, JetPay Payroll Services stands apart from the rest. We are committed to an ongoing quest for quality, delivering top-notch customer service, and providing accurate and reliable payroll and payroll tax filing services to our Lansdale, PA payroll customers payday after payday!

JetPay Payroll Services, formerly A D Computer, has been providing Lansdale, PA businesses with payroll services for over forty years. We have earned national recognition in the areas of Accuracy, Reliability, Prompt Response, and Reasonable Fees, but our Lansdale, PA clients will attest to our greatest asset – outstanding customer service. We are not only proud to serve our clients in Lansdale, PA, but also to service many businesses across the entire United States. Our mission to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our customers has, is, and always will be the cornerstone of our organization.